Company Overview

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LUXBEE, established in 1989, is a construction and design practice specialising in precast lightweight cementitious facade cladding. Our facade cladding materials includes Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), Polycrete, Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP), precast concrete, EPS Polymer Concrete (EPC) formally known as EIFS and Compressed PVC board (CPVC) also known as celuka board and compressed foam board.

LUXBEE celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2019. It was a special moment for LUXBEE to celebrate while moving forward into Malaysia Vision 2020.

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30th Anniversary Logo

With a track record of more than three decades in the industry, LUXBEE has established its reputation in the market as a manufacturer as well as a facade specialist and in builders work as a main contractor.

LUXBEE is certified by Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia as a Grade G7 Contractor which permits us to undertake general building works and general civil engineering works with unlimited contract value.

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Certified by ISO

On top of that we are also certified by ISO 9001: 2015. We believe these certifications drive us to consistently strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

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Our Specialised​

In view of the present market requirements and its demands, we specialised in the field of design and fabrication, complete with installation of decorative precast or cast on site cementitious decorative items, from Classical Architecture, Islamic Architecture, to Modern Architecture design and also in Conservation & Restoration project. We never stop there, we also collaborated with local furniture designers and artists to design and manufacture concrete furniture, concrete decoration items, display sculptures and even art installation.

From there on, we have established our reputation as an organisation with absolute business integrity and craftsmanship ability. On top of that, the sound management of the organisation with its depth of expertise in this industry has enabled the company to handle all kinds of projects with a flexibility approach in various market situations and conditions.

Collaboration with Overseas & Local designers

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This can be seen with our completion of prestigious projects of various designs and sizes. We are now looking forward to new challenges in the forthcoming projects.

With our diversified experience in the market, we also give public presentation during exhibitions to professionals, and also in university to students. Not only that, we are often invited by developers and architects to present at their office. We often organise online webinar presentations and sharing

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MBAM One Build Exhibition Talk

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Our in-depth knowledge of the local context, culture and regulations has also allowed us to better understand our clients’ needs. Apart from projects in Malaysia, LUXBEE also exports its products to East Coast Malaysia and foreign countries including Singapore, Sri Lanka, Labuan and Italy.

In recent years, our services and products are strengthened by alliances with construction law advisor to improve our contract management. We also extended our alliances to young Architecture and Interior Design Firms to expand the company’s spectrum of activities to design and build in general building construction.

Vision & Mission


Architect create dreams, we build dreams. We Design, We Produce, We Build.


To build quality buildings and products. To transfer design ideas into Buildings & Products.

Quality Policy

Consistently meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations;

Timely delivery of services to meet our customers’ requirements;

Comply with requirements & continuous improvement of our processes & systems.

Core Value

1. 80/20
Rule for goal setting – 80% of outcome are produced by 20% of inputs.

2. K.I.S.S
Keep It Simple Stupid

3. A.D.G.U
Action & Dont Give Up

4. Effectiveness > Efficiency
Efficiency is pointless if you are not effective

5. F.I.R.E
Fact > Interpretation > Reaction > End

6. R³
Record, Record, Record

7. R.L.I
Reflection = Learning = Improve

8. Explore & Exploit
Be creative & constently look for opportunity

9. S.M.A.R.T
Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely

10. L.U.X.B.E.E
Learn, Unite, eXquisite, Bold, Efficient,

Our Team

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Lead by a team of skilled and dedicated members, LUXBEE is able to handle projects in different scales and values.

Our commitment is to have constant improvements in our products and to complete project with outstanding craftsmanship, efficiency and employing the flexibility approach in various situations and conditions.

With a team formed by members of architectural, engineering, quantity surveying, construction management and legal background, we believe we are able to build quality buildings and products, and at the same time transfer the architect’s and engineer’s ideas into reality.